ONE AllRatings Compared to Single-Site Reviews

ONE AllRatings Compared to Single-Site Reviews

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Non-Customers Removed

Star ratings from people who never purchased from a company are removed and not counted in their score.

Reviews Counted from People Who Never Used A Company

Includes ratings from people who never bought from companies that they review.

Weighted for Recency

Star ratings from customers who bought from a company in the past year are weighted more than years-old customers.

Very Old Reviews Counted The Same as New Reviews

Companies change, so old reviews are less predictive of the experience you should expect. Yet they’re weighted equally.

Credentials Score Displayed

A company’s license, insurance and complaint status score are shown in Key Docs and included in our 100-point rating.

Unlicensed and Uninsured Companies are Given Equal Standing

Your family is at risk if you mistakenly hire an unlicensed or uninsured company.

Report Score Indicates Full Disclosure

A company’s key contact people, specialties, guarantees and business practices score is shown in Reports and included in our 100-point rating.

Opaque Company Profiles

Companies can hide behind incomplete or inaccurate profile descriptions and avoid disclosing key staff backgrounds and contacts.

Super-Composite Score from All Ratings is More Accurate

Derived from all the reviews available on each company and optimized for accuracy and recency.

Single-Site Reviews Miss Most of the Reviews on a Company

Taken separately, each review site doesn’t have enough reviews to produce a full picture of a company’s true rating score.

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