Your Guide to the Most Accurate Ratings of Local Companies
Why ONE AllRatings are better than “Single Site” ratings

Before you choose a local company like a contractor or auto shop, it’s smart to check their ratings. Today, you got smarter. We give you ONE AllRatings, a super-composite rating of each company from all review sites, optimized for accuracy and recency.

Sites leave you guessing.

If you had the time, you could go to 10 different review sites and calculate average star ratings for each company. Sounds good, but big problems remain. Your go-to review sites equally weight the star score value of a 7-year old review and a review from last month. They equally weight the rating from a person who says they’re not even a customer with a paying customer and many allow obviously fake reviews. More

All is Better Than SomeTM. The Wisdom in Being Optimized for Accuracy and Recency.

ONE AllRatings reads all ratings and reviews from all review sites so you don’t have to. Then we remove non-customer scores, we weight newer scores more than old ones and we down weight less trustworthy review sites and companies that game the system. We give you a super-composite star rating score that makes you smarter. And we give you two additional scores, a key document score for license and insurance and a company report score including essential profile articles, job photos and guarantees.

Today you got smarter.

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All is Better Than SomeTM

You’ll make the smartest choice when you see the most accurate rating for each company. To do this right, the total rating score for each company must be calculated based on all the ratings available. All means visiting 10–20 different review sites. We say All is ...

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More Recent Ratings = More Weighting

ONE AllRatings weights each customer’s review score by recency to give you the most accurate total Star Score ratings. If you needed to predict how a company will perform this month for your family, would you rather see ratings from the last two ...

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Optimized for Accuracy. Non-Customers Removed.

You need to see an accurate average Star Score for each company to make a smart choice. We optimize for accuracy better than any review site. ONE AllRatings super-composite Star Scores are optimized ...

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More Than a Star Rating. Key Docs and Company Report Scores Count in TOTAL SCORE

We give you a separate Key Docs score on license, insurance and complaint status. A low score here can increase your risk. Things can go horribly wrong if you hire ...

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Alyssa Long

I feel so much more confident in choosing a highly rated company!

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There are so many reviews sites that it can feel overwhelming to research local companies. Wouldn’t it be easier if all the information you needed was in one place and presented in …More

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