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Who We Are

Who We Are

We care about you. That’s why we’ve built this. It’s why we work every day to help you. To be your guide to the most accurate local ratings ever presented. We’re here to transform you into a smarter consumer, so you’ll feel confident choosing a local company.

We are a diverse team with decades of experience in local company ratings, data science, technology, customer service, mediation, research, writing and design. It’s exciting work and our hearts are in this together.

What We Believe


To choose wisely, consumers should be given the most accurate ratings of local companies.


To create the most accurate ratings, it’s more logical to analyze star rating scores and reviews from all review sites than to shop from a single review site.


In creating a super-composite ratings from all review sites it is critical to remove reviews from people who were not even customers, to weight more recent ratings more than old ones, and to include separate rating scores for key documents (credentials) and company profile report (indicating full disclosure).

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